By joining the “VitaVibe” Affiliate Program, you earn money by promoting our products and special offers.”

Who can join the affiliate programme?

Athletes, Models, Influencers, Personal Trainers and anyone with a particular interest in 'exercise and fitness'. Ideally our affiliates will have a a good following on social media platforms. Most importantly, our affiliates will be active, business minded and have a desire to expand their following.  Our agreements are flexible and on-going, so why not give it a try!

Why Join?

  • Earn additional income through flexible affiliation

  • Receive personal discount on all our tangible products

  • Expand your own profile & following through our YouTube Channel, Social Promotions and Website

  • The majority of supplement companies offer around 3-5% commission, considerably less than our scheme.

How does it work?

We provide a unique discount code for your followers or clients. Once a month, we calculate the affiliate fee for each order and you get paid your %, it’s as simple as that!


Each affiliate also receives a personal discount code, should they wise to purchase from the store.

In return, you will promote our products on your blog, website or profile. From time to time we may ask affiliates if they wish to provide content for the online blog, which will further enhance their following. Affiliates must not promote standard coupons, only the ones they are provided personally. A commission cannot be earned from our store coupons and discounts. The codes provided for our affiliates are changed regularly.

Breakdown of how it works!

  • 40% Discount on all supplements for personal use 

  • 20% Commission 

How do I apply?

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please contact: