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4 Fat-Loss Myths

Since many people visit online supplement stores with "change" in their minds. We thought it only fitting that we should discuss "Fat Loss", not to be confused with "Weight Loss" because although they are used interchangeably, there are definitely not the same. Thousands of people now desire that chizzled, summer look. While admittedly, some people just don't care and that's fair enough. Despite this, obesity rates are growing and you don't need to look far to see this in action.

But why?

There are many reasons, but attitudes towards eating and the amount we consume has to be a problem. Some members of the population have even convinced themselves its unhealthy to be healthy, "you need a bit of everything they say". While that's true, these people don't always consume a healthy balanced diet. Storming down to the chippy and curry house 3 times a week, isn't "balanced". If your not going to take what you eat seriously, then you cannot, should not, expect results particularly when it comes to fat loss.

1. Myth Number 1 "you don't need to watch calories"

Wow, who's heard this one before. While body composition isn't as simple as solely the calories game. You definitely need to watch the number of calories you consume if you want to lose fat. On average, you should be creating a 250-750 calorie deficit a day. There is "legally and naturally" no avoiding the basic laws of energy expenditure.

2. Myth Number 2 "cardio is essential for fat loss"

I bet everyone knows somebody who loves their cardio. Once more, i bet you know somebody who appears to spend 40 minutes on the treadmill every day, but never seems to lose weight. That's odd right? Nope, because as we said above, cardio is all in vein if the energy balance is incorrect. In other words, if you consume more than you burn it doesn't matter how much you run, cycle, swim or whatever. There's also various studies that link excessive cardio to muscle loss, particularly when in a calorie deficit. In summary, adding cardio into your routine is a useful way of expanding the amount of calories you burn, its great for your body and your health. However, don't think that going for a run a few times a week means you can eat an unlimited amount of calories.

3. Myth Number 3 "Chasing the fad diet"

I think everyone has done this, me included. Fad diets come from a few things;

  • You know someone who "smashed it" eating one food per day, every day (i.e Bananas 3 days a week or something obscene)

  • You tried a diet, it just didn't work (after 3 days)

  • You jump from fad to fad in search for that perfect diet that will....mean you can eat as much as you like and look incredible

Simple then, Fad diets don't generally work. the advice should be to pick a diet that works for you;has variety; involves nutritious food; follows the basic laws of energy balance and nutrition. Note : make sure you consume enough protein (1 gram of protein per lb of body weight is "aspirational" if you are active). If you are not, then still try to consume at least 20% of your diet from healthy sources of protein.

4. Myth Number 4 "Spot Reducing"

Spot reducing refers to the aim of removing an area of fat on your body. The reality is, you can't naturally choose where you store your fat, which for some is unfortunate. Often this just comes down to good old genetics, body shape and sometimes the speed in which your weight changes. There's two answers to this...

1) battle through the fat loss patiently, keep a record of your measurements (waist, hip, chest etc), take pictures and know that eventually you will get there.

2) The second answer is... learn to love your body for its strengths and pitfalls, nobody is perfect, even the thousands who filter and adjust all their pictures on Instagram. Don't be to hard on yourself and celebrate how far you have come.

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